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(September 2003)

Frances O’Connor
Frances O'ConnorIn Bedazzled (2000), she was the gorgeous but hopeless object of Elliot’s desire, who barely knew he existed; and in A.I. (2001), she was the surrogate mother to robot-boy David, but was oh-so-quick to abandon him in the woods when her ‘real’ son is cured; Frances O’Connor is the English-born but Australian-raised actor who makes the hearts of some of us here at The Toast race. Frances is a beauty with dark eyes like limpid pools and a smile (which is used sparingly) that could light up Sidney harbor. She can act too, in Bedazzled she appears as a different character in seven fantasy wishes- from the dream-like lovely floating down the beach, to a Mexican spitfire- full of vinegar and spirit.

TimelineNow we can look forward to her in an upcoming movie directed by Richard Donner (The Omen, Superman, Lethal Weapon and Scoorged) from a story by Michael Crichton (The Andromeda Strain, Westworld, Jurassic Park and Congo). Timeline is a fantasy, sci-fi story about a group of contemporary archaeology students who become trapped in 14th Century France. We can hardly wait!

This movie (and Crichton’s novel) introduces the idea of time travel to the Middle Ages- via a “3-D FAX machine”- as being terrifying and horrific- especially to modern college students. Writer Crichton and director Donner promise a realistic look at the time period, without all the glamorous movie trappings sometimes associated with medieval drama. There's lots of gore, and it's a real representation of the time.

The movie was originally going to be released in December of 2002. Then there was a massive summer 2003 opening planned. Neither happened. Now it’s scheduled to open for the holiday season of this year. We have our fingers crossed.Steven Speilberg & Frances O'Connor

Besides the lovely Ms O’Connor, the cast also includes Paul Walker (The Fast and The Furious), Gerard Butler (Reign of Fire), Billy Connolly (Mrs. Brown) and David Thewlis (The Big Lebowski).

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