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(October 2005)

CinemaToast was born at the dawn of the 21st Century. We’re now in the 5th year of the new century and its time for a facelift. While the content here on our web site is unchanged and will continue to grow, the look of the pages have been freshened. We no longer use frames and because of this and other internal streamlining we expect navigation around CinemaToast to be quicker and more efficient. Our leader, sitting over there in the corner with the glazed look, has also decided to rename some of the main sections of CinemaToast. Sometimes he can be slightly pretentious (who else would call a page of collections “Rodomontade”). So he and we are trying to be clearer.

Here following is a brief outline of  what the new sections are called and a little history of what they were called before, if necessary.

Homeome- Home on CinemaToast has always been home. It's the a page designed to explain what's here and what's going on. You can always go Home to reorient yourself. Its good to go Home. In The Heat of The Night

Moviesovies- Movies have also always been movies. This is the place where you find the essays, written by the staff and invited guests, about movies. Included are a broad gamut from the 1940s (Leave Her to Heaven), to a series on the Harry Potter movies. Keep an eye here, we're adding movies all the time.

Bon Motson Mots- The Bon Mots page has gone through the most name changes. Originally it was the “Welcoming” page, changed periodically to explain what was going on here at CinemaToast and to give our founder a chance to spout off. For a brief time it was called “Monthly Musings” - more of our founder's pretension. Now it's called “Bon Mots”- tasty treats for our visitors. Included here are some former stand-alone pages that many readers enjoyed, like information on the award-winning Marcia Gay Harden and speerings on Republic Studios, creators of exciting movie serials of the 1930s and 1940s.

Collectionsollections- Collections, as mentioned, used to be called “Rodomontade”. The area of CinemaToast containing the optical video collection belonging to us here at The Toast. Optical video includes laserdiscs and DVDs. Also included are specialized lists of items of interest to our founder: Disney and San Francisco movies.

Indexite Map- A logical layout of this web site. This is a good place to start. It's a quick and easy page to browse and hopefully, you can find something interesting.

Timelineimeline- Timeline was “Chrono Guide”, a list starting in the present and working backwards with links to pages on CinemaToast and their relations to past eras. A good place to see what movie information we have from the past.

Valentina & Scott

Finallyinally- Finally we'd like to thank Scott Alexander without whose help this updating would have been difficult. Scott is the proprietor of the Red Hot Jazz Archive, a history of jazz before 1930, and father of one of our favorite contributors- Valentina Alexander. Please visit his web site, you won't be sorry, and read the rapidly maturing writings of Valentina here on CinemaToast.

We at The Toast love movies. We like to write about movies, to write about whatever strikes our fancy. We do not write reviews of films in current release. Sometimes we write about current movies but we are not the place to come for information on the latest and the loudest. However now that you’re here, what would you like to see? Click here to contact us.

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