(June 2003)

Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Tony Shalhoub as MonkTony ShalhoubWe here at The Toast like Tony Shalhoub. And not only because he had the good sense to marry the delectable Brooke Adams. He’s a talented and versatile actor who’s been in many of our favorite movies. From Honeymoon in Vegas (1992), to his role as the gifted but irascible chief in Big Night (1996), to the very funny Galaxy Quest in 1999.

Shalhoub was born in Green Bay, Wis. the son of Lebanese parents. He graduated from the University of Maine then went to the Yale Drama School. His first big break was in the television series Wings (1990 to 1997). In 1998 he turned in a sensitive performance as an Arab-American Federal Agent in The Siege. He created a well-rounded character with a family life, a professional life, and a sense of humor. Despite the quality of his performance, Arab-American Organizations criticized the movie because it had an Arab villain.

Tony is currently in the second season of his, admittedly quirky but very successful, television series Monk. Set in San Francisco, he plays a brilliant police detective on disability leave because he has phobias and tics galore. However he is such a good investigator (ala "Sherlock Holmes") that he's constantly called on by the police for help. It’s very funny and you do get to see some exterior San Francisco scenes (most of the series is shot in Los Angeles).

A Very Young Brooke AdamsBrooke
As mentioned, Shalhoub had the good sense to marry the delightful Brooke Adams. They’ve been married since 1992 and have two daughters. From time to time, Brooke makes guest appearances in Tony’s TV show Monk. Thank goodness for nepotism.

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