Monthly Movie Musings

(January 2005)

Three Up and Coming Beauties

Emmy RossumA crop of raising, young movie stars who have caught our interest.

Emmanuelle Rossum gave us a joyous Christmas present. In the just released movie The Phantom of The Opera, she is beautiful and graceful as the lovely but lowly chorus singer Christine. She who will soon be tutored by and raised to stardom by the mysterious, masked Phantom of the Paris Opera. That she can melt your heart with her singing would not be a surprise if you knew that she joined the Metropolitan Opera in New York at age 7. She performed Tchaikovsky at age 9, and later sung with Placido Domingo and Dolly Parton.

In 2000, the now 17-year-old Emmy portrayed a teenage Audrey Hepburn in a made-for-TV movie. Her similarity to the beautiful Ms Hepburn was breathtaking. Early last year she was the best thing in the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow. The science was screwed up but Emmy Rossum was fine. Now this last Christmas she sings her heart out in The Phantom of The Opera and we couldn’t be happier. We predict big things for this beautiful and talented upcoming star.

Paz Vega also came to us wrapped in a charming Christmas movie. The beautiful actress, a television Paz Vegaand movie star in her native Spain, appeared in her first American film, the comedy Spanglish with Adam Sandler and Téa Leoni. Her character is a little unbelievable; a housekeeper in an affluent American household who speaks not a word of English, but Paz is delightful and sells the role. The clashes of culture are funny, poignant and insightful and we predict big things for this Spanish beauty in future American movies.

Pieces of April was one of our favorite movies of 2003. Katie Holmes plays a Goth girl, the black sheep of her family, trying to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for her estranged family as an act of reconciliation. It was a small film that blew them away at Sundance. With a pitch-perfect performance from Patricia Clarkson as the acerbic and dying mother and small but delicious roles from Oliver Platt as the father and Sean Hayes as a gay but snappish neighbor, Katie Holmes surprised us with the range and depthKatie Holmes of her performance. With raccoon eyes, pigtails and a polka-dot blouse she is the heart of this movie as she struggles with the mind boggling mysteries of preparing the perfect turkey.

Katie Holmes was a star in the television series Dawson Creek (which we never saw) and television actors don’t always make the leap to the big screen. Katie seems to be the exception with the lovely performance in Pieces of April and an upcoming role in the next Batman movie. We predict big things for this talented upcoming star.

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