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(February 2004)

More Toni Collette
Toni ColletteMore than just a movie star, which she is, Toni Collette is an ACTOR! We first saw her, 40 pounds overweight, in Muriel’s Wedding (1994) and we were blown away with her incredibly moving performance. With facial expressions and body language, you felt the bottled inner turmoil this poor young woman suffered with under the oppression of her domineering father. Sadness and joy; the depths of despair and moments of happiness that absolutely transported you. All done in a way that only the most talented of actors can do.

We next noticed her in the terrific ghost story The Sixth Sense (1999). She was the quintessential working mom raising her hyper-sensitive boy alone. She was so “American” that you’d be hard-pressed to admit the woman was from Australia. She received great notices for the solid acting job she did. She grounded the story between her son and the supernatural. All done in a way that only the most talented of actors can do.

In Changing Lanes (2002) Collette played a legal assistant in love with her married and morally-challenged young boss. Again, she’s totally submerged in the role and if you hadn’t seen her name in the credits, you’d hardly know it was her. As the hard-bitten but loyal assistant, you see her almost unrequited love all over her face. A most talented actor, it’s a pleasure to watch her work.

Coming soon, in the fall of this year, we get to see her again in The Last Shot. A crime caper comedy about a filmmaker (Matthew Broderick) who finds out the man financing his next film is actually an undercover FBI agent. Also in the cast is that hard-working character actor William H. Macy, and Tony Shalhoub, taking a break from his very successful TV series Monk.

Where is Frances Sternhagen?
Frances SternhagenShe first caught our eye with her role as the mining colony doctor, "Dr. Marian Lazarus", in Outland, Peter Hyams’ 1981 outer space remake of High Noon. Her character is admittedly third-rate just going through the motions as the chief (and only) physician at the mining operation on Io, the innermost moon of the planet Jupiter. She's been doing a lot of television recently (ER and Sex and The City) and made-for-TV movies. When are we going to see her in a first run feature film?

New Stuff
We're very pleased to welcome John Bruni to the CinemaToast family. John is a Renaissance man; widely traveled with an incurable reading habit. He's written us a fascinating essay on Minority Report (2002). We're sure you'll enjoy his script- it's written from a “higher” point of view.

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