Welcome to the 21st Century! CinemaToast is dedicated to the most influential art form of the last century. Motion pictures were first invented late in the 19th Century but flowered during the run of the 20th to the powerful and expressive medium that we know today. We'll essay our way through many of our favorite movies. We like movies, we love movies and we'll write about movies. Any comments or The Toastmaster.


We start here:

12 Monkeys (1995)
Many gifted filmmakers started out in art direction or as cartoonists and were able to bring striking images and, from cartooning, cleverly structured sequences to their work. Terry Gilliam is one such director...

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
Let's go straight to the trivia bits: the Director, Joseph Mankiewicz is little brother to Herman Mankiewicz (big time boozer who won the Oscar for Best Writing, Original Screenplay on Citizen Kane) and father to Tom Mankiewicz (who directed Dragnet, the 1987 movie version, and an episode of Hart to Hart, a 1970's television series. What more can one say?)...(Jeanne Kane)

Killer's Kiss (1955)
Stanley Kubrick's second feature, Killer's Kiss (after 1953's Fear and Desire), is an ambitious if flawed effort...(Andrew Baron)

Thief (1981)
The dictionary defines style as a distinctive or characteristic form of expression and this movie has it from the opening shots of rain pouring down between buildings in a narrow alleyway back-lit by a streetlight to the final scene as the eponymous character played by James Caan walks down a residential street after the film's violent climactic confrontation, all set to a pulsing score by Tangerine Dream...(Chris Hoth)



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