Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)

- by Yavar Amidi, drawing by Samar Amidi

Sassy Cindy VortexI like the part when they made the spaceship and then launched the spaceship and went up to outer space and then they saved their parents.

The cool part about the movie was when Jimmy got on his mechanical dog, Goddard, and his dog's tail turned into a seat and he held on to it's ears and then they got back into their spaceship and found their parents! Then Carl used his inhaler and almost sprayed the eggs! Jimmy Neutron said "it's all right Carl, it's only breakfast!"Yavar & Samar Amidi

I also liked the part when all the children's parents were doing a chicken dance!! There was this alien with a controller that was making the parents dance.

The Toast is so happy to have these nifty words and pictures about Jimmy Neutron, a very  funny cartoon from Nickelodeon (and Paramount Pictures). Moving right along with a surprisingly clever soundtrack of mostly New Wave classics from The Ramones and the Go-Gos, this movie is a delight of near Loony Tunes proportions. Many current-day  cartoons and animated movies indulge in adult in-jokes and body-function humor that allow grown-ups to get some enjoyment while their kiddies are laughing their silly heads off. The movie avoids this Jimmy & Goddardwith a lovely straight-forward story but it does have a few subtle tidbits for the folks mom and dad consult a book for advice, its title: Unwrapping Your Gifted Child.

Samar & Yavar Amidi, a couple of budding geniuses themselves, live in the San Francisco Bay Area and really like school.

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