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The Miniature ManCurry Dog Lit

Please visit the literary works of  r. muir. A strikingly original wordsmith located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We at The Toast have had many stimulating conversations with this author and can only wish we had half the facility with the written word that this unique and special writer does. Please visit the site for samples.

Louis ArmstrongThe Red Hot Jazz Archive

You'll love The Red Hot Jazz Archive. A comprehensive history of jazz before 1930. The proprietor of this most useful of web sites has helped The Toast and pulled our fanny out of the fire many times. This richly detailed resource is chock full of goodies. Even if you don't know a lot about jazz or maybe think you're not interested, visit the site anyway - you'll be rewarded. Incidentally, this web site is the perfect companion to Ken Burns' fabulous video series on Jazz.

Anton & PhyllisMovie Posters Ltd.

Collecting movies posters can be a fulfilling & rewarding pastime. Anton & Phyllis Grosz are a terrific couple and The Toast loves them dearly. Visit the site, even if you're not a collector - you'll find some wonderful movie images. You won't be sorry.


Seti@homeThe Toast supports SETI and urges one and all to be open to the stars and the very real possibility of sentient life somewhere out there.

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