DVDs Pending

The Toast is continually acquiring movies on DVD. Sometimes the acquisitions exceed our capacity to catalog. Here is a list of DVDs possessed by The Toast but not yet completely cataloged by the staff. As the processing is finished and the DVDs fully integrated into our collection, the titles will be removed from this list and attached to the main DVD listing.

  1. Battlestar Galactica (TV Series Season 2.0)
  2. Baywatch (TV Series Season 3)
  3. Born To Kill
  4. The Cabin in The Woods
  5. Carlos
  6. Corman's World
  7. Dynasty (TV Series Season 2)
  8. Ernie Kovacs - The ABC Specials
  9. George Lopez (TV Series Seasons 1 & 2)
  10. Gomorrah
  11. Heroes (TV Series Season 1)
  12. Honey West (Complete TV Series)
  13. InkI
  14. The King's Speech Blu-ray
  15. Margaret  Blu-ray
  16. A Midsummer Night's Dream / Othello / Romeo and Juliet / Anthony and Cleopatra
  17. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol  Blu-ray
  18. Moonrise Kingdom  Blu-ray
  19. Nightmare in Blood
  20. Rivers of A Lost Coast
  21. Russian Ark
  22. Saving Silverman
  23. The Triplets of Belleville
  24. US Navy Carriers (Weapons of War)
  25. We Bought a Zoo Blu-ray
  26. When The Levees Broke

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